CONNECTED Young Adults

CONNECTED is a ministry of Foothill Community Church geared toward young adults between the ages of 18 and 29. It is small group-based and service-oriented. This ministry provides a place of belonging for those who have the desire to grow as disciples of Jesus.


  • Service. CONNECTED embodies mission by promoting ways to serve the people of Azusa in the context of small groups through a handful of relational ministry opportunities.
  • Transformation. CONNECTED fosters life change by orienting itself around core spiritual practices of the Christian faith as tangible ways to embrace the character and power of Christ.
  • Community. CONNECTED creates a sense of togetherness through regular small and large group gatherings for the purpose of deepening fellowship with God & one another.


CONNECTED operates with a unique and consistently alternating monthly ministry rotation. On each first and third weekend, typically on Saturdays, small groups meet at their ministry site to serve. Second Sundays are our CONNECTED worship services that take place at 7pm in the FCC sanctuary. On fourth Sundays small groups meet at 7pm.


To learn more about CONNECTED, feel free to contact Wesley Parker Reed at 678-764-3693