This year’s Society Meeting will be held simultaneously in person and on Zoom right after our worship service on Sunday morning 1/30.
A recording of the meeting will be posted afterward for those not able to join live. Members of Foothill Community Church will be able to vote to elect other members to sit on our Local Board of Administration, Nomination Committee, and serve as Delegates for the FMCSC Conference.

Voting will begin at the end of the Society Meeting and remain open until Friday 2/4 at 5 pm.
Those who are present in person will be asked to fill out paper ballots; those attending virtually (whether live or later in the week) should click the buttons below to vote via an online form and review the documents being discussed at the meeting.



Works in partnership with the Senior Pastor to provide vision, general oversight, planning, and coordination of the ministries of the church. 


They should stimulate and ensure the furtherance of the congregation’s mission and the spiritual growth and development of the entire body and provide spiritual leadership for the society. In conjunction with the Pastor, they are also responsible for making provision to accomplish the mission of the church including Christian education, evangelism, missions, church growth, and the work of stewards. 

Requirements for nominees:

Active and engaged members, a regular part of worship/service, and participate in regular giving 

(Book of Discipline, 6300)


Serve as liaisons between the church congregation/society and its appointed pastors, as well as between the conference and the congregation. 


Representing the society at annual conference; participating in conference activities as requested; representing the congregation to the superintendent; preserving unity within the body by promoting peace and harmony among the members. 

Requirements for nominees:

Active and engaged members, a regular part of worship/service, and participate in regular giving. 

(Book of Discipline, 6250)


The objective of the nomination process is to identify persons of spiritual maturity, giftedness and fruitfulness in ministry, and to provide appropriate roles for each to participate in the overall mission of the Church. 


Recommend to the church persons to serve in the leadership roles of all standing committees or boards; nominate annual conference delegates, if the society so chooses, consult when considering persons for the position of delegate(s) and reserve delegate(s) to annual conference and for all leadership positions.

(Book of Discipline, 6310)

Voting will open at the end of the Society meeting Sunday and remain open until Friday 2/4 at 5pm.

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